Slow Down

I take a ton of notes from conversations, events, books, videos, an idyl walk. All day, every day. The act of writing is visual and helps me remember golden nuggets and integrate insights (or aha moments). It took me years to learn how not to frantically jot down everything I heard and instead, trust myself to be present enough, actively listening, to receive the messages that are meant for me.

Now, I only note what resonates most. By doing so, I find things stick better and there is less mental clutter. Win! Having space in my head to feel, connect dots, and create are essential outcomes. We could all learn how to be bored and use that time to play, explore, think with no agenda. How many of you have days filled with responsibilities and supporting others?

I’m declaring boredom an act of self-care. Give yourself permission to rest.

I’ve recently been exploring digital writing on the iPad and it has been a game changer. These notes were taken during a group coaching call with Chris Do of The Futur, for which I am a proGroup member. It was a conversation about Road Blocks. Primarily focused on content creation, pricing negotiation, and articulating value.

What’s great about apps like Good Notes is that your handwriting is searchable (well, I can’t vouch for the legibility of others’ writing) and the notes can be converted to text. Essentially, I can google my brain! I have lots of analog notebooks and sketchbooks that I revisit in a different way, but it would be wonderful if I could search those books digitally. I’ve been slowly transcribing those notes manually through voice dictation and typing so that someday I can access that knowledge more easily.

Do you take notes and what have you found to be useful? Since I am a newbie to embracing tech (a kid from the 80s–I’m all about analog) are their iPad apps that you absolutely love? Share in the comments what the app is for, if it’s not apparent, and what you find most impactful.

Image Credits: Graphical Recordings by Van Cooley


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